How to configure port forwarding. On the example of Port gmail.


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System, resulting from the operation which it is possible to be accessed from the external network to the machine located behind a software or hardware router is called port forwarding. The need for such a system may be in one common situation, even in a small office. Consider the situation a little more.

Initial conditions under which you may receive a question how to configure port forwarding in particular ports gmail

  1. The client machine connects to the Internet through an internal proxy
  2. On the client machine installed email program that works with an external mail server using the standard ports gmail – 465 (smtp) and 995 (pop3)

For normal operation of the mail client and to receive and send mail, you need to know about the method of port forwarding settings . This adjustment is made both on the client and the proxy server , through which access to the Internet . Just note that regardless of the mail client settings on the proxy server will be the same . Settings on the client differ only interface for the connection settings of the email client. As already mentioned, in our example, we’ll use a proxy server UserGate, as well as e-mail client ( mailer ) OutlookExpress with storage compartment, open a free mail server

So, how to set up port forwarding, to work through our mail standard ports gmail?

  1. To get started go to the proxy server and there open assigning ports.
  2. In the above screenshot shows the final result to be obtained to configure ports – 465 and 995 (in this case used real names and ports smtp and pop3-server sootstvetstvuyuschego mail server).

  3. Follow these steps to configure port forwarding you must click the Add button and fill in the form poyavivshusya.

    Connection name – define arbitrarily , but it is desirable that it was expressive title that helps you easily identify later the fruits of their labor.

    Protocol – TCP

    Source address – select address customers – in fact, you can specify only a single address of the machine that need an email client , but since we are talking about all the work , even a small office , put it so – Addresses customers. In this case , all users are allowed access to the proxy server , regardless of their real IP- addresses can be accessed via email client.

    Listening address – and here we put the internal (belonging to your local network ) IP- address of the machine on which the proxy server.

    Listening port – any port you select on which will work OutlookExpress on the client machine , referring to the postal service ( through the internal proxy server.

    Destination host –

    Port of Destination – 465

    The last two parameters – the host name and port on which it receives packets . A small summary of what we learn. Created a rule that from network computers , which are users in UserGate, requests going to the IP- address of the proxy server on port 9025 , the proxy will be sent to the Internet on port 465, and which need to be achieved .

  4. Similar procedures were performed with the incoming mail:

Once we figured out how to configure port forwarding on the proxy server, turn to your client side. So, how to create an account in OutlookExpress? Do not dwell on it created. Instead, consider the part that directly concerns port forwarding. To start a screenshot.

On the General tab as e-mail addresses using the default value – your real email address.
Go to the Servers tab.

Here refrain.

As your incoming and outgoing mail set IP-address of our proxy server. Attention! Sam proxy server does not function the mail server – it will just “Mapped” our data on an Internet mail server.

As account for the incoming mail server indicate our real account WITHOUT

Authentication – tick and go to settings:

Save changes in this window, go to the Advanced tab

Explanation . In the account properties OutlookExpress mail client on the Advanced tab you need to edit the server port numbers in accordance with the way we pointed them in UserGate. Save the changes .

That’s all. How to configure port forwarding for me was not such a difficult task, but only after it was already all set and recorded the sequence of these steps. Your destiny will be a little easier – step by step guide ready , and I hope will help not only to me now . If the information has helped or have questions – you are welcome in the comments . In the next few days to answer .

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